SunGrow First Impressions

I have two Dojo Loaches.

I unloaded it into a bucket and continued to rinse several times. Within the bag, you will find two small packets. I'm setting up another tank and this will be the substrate. I never did get around to switching to gravel. Half of the bag was more than enough for my aquarium. But if you want actual fine sand might not be what your looking for. I did lots of research on the subject and decided to make the leap.

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SunGrow Final Thoughts

Won't go back to gravel!

This was a very nice sand and I enjoyed it very much! I bought the Torpedo Beach sand hoping for a pretty white sand and it was. Plant tanks require high light levels. That is why I chose the Hydor Koralia Nano 240. I love this substrate, I use it for my betta& goldfish tanks and it looks great. Then swirled and dumped what didn't sink immediately. If you get this sand rinse it, I cannot stress that enough, rinse it.

Overall Score

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  • SunGrow Features & Specs
  • ✔ GOOD AQUARIUM KEEPING AT YOUR DOORSTEP — No more scooping up dirty water with a pail; that can be messy. SunGrow Aquarium Cleaning Pump kit is a system with a hand controller that helps you clear out your tank efficiently and quickly by having the features you definitely need! This is suitable for maintaining fish aquariums belonging to characiform order. Each part is meticulously designed to give you the best aquarium cleaning experience you can possibly have.
  • ✔ ROUTINE MAINTENANCE MADE EASY — Each SunGrow Gravel and Sand substrate cleaner comes with a short nozzle, nozzle net, flexible standard tubing, operation/pump bulb, and discharge hose. While all these parts can be adjusted and modified as per your needs, the operation bulb or the hand starter is the unique component that sets it apart from other similar items in the market.
  • ✔ FREQUENT WATER CHANGE ENSURES HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT — Without water changes, your Characidae inhabitants may have a hard time inside their little home. This tool by SunGrow has the ability to withstand kink. Routine maintenance is made possible and it will not take much of your time. This no-spill system is made high quality to not let your cardinal, black or serpae tetra fish get hurt or even disturbed while it is being used to transfer water.
  • ✔ 4-MINUTES TO SETUP — The short nozzle feature of SunGrow Aquarium sand and substrate cleaner is perfect when you want to replenish or drain water out of your tank. Just place the nozzle in your tank. For convenience, attach it with a suction cup. This will make work easier for you because you don’t need to hold it while draining out water! Press on, or squeeze the pump bulb 5 to 7 times and the water will start to flow out of the nozzle. See the description below for more details.
  • ✔ HASSLE-FREE STORAGE- The flexible siphon pump restricts the small gravel and debris from going into the hose. Not only that, after it has done the deed, it won’t give you a hard time thinking where you would store it, as it can be placed practically anywhere! With its strategic portable design, you can keep it in any place you want where you can easily access it the next time you need it.
  • Manufacture: Luffy Pets Collection

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