SunGrow First Impressions

The kit is not complete.

You are getting a premium quality tank for a reasonable price. I love the tank and everything else about it but the background! The lights have a timer and three different levels of brightness and color. Not impossible to reach but definitely an odd angle you have to go in from lol. This tank will be much easier to live with than the smaller 1-3 gallon options. It is perfect for small places like a kitchen counter, night stand, or even a desk. They'll have a lot more room to play around decorations and stuff, too.

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SunGrow Final Thoughts

I shut mine off.

Hope this list helps those who are new to keeping fish-- they are a great first pet! All you need to add for a happy Betta fish is an extra light and a tank heater. He loves exploring his new environment with all the fresh vegetation. I don't remove my lid that much so, not a big deal to me. Problem is, the glass sits flush with that top edge. It'll be fine, just be careful how you deal with the filter. This unit was an upgrade for my daughters Beta tank.

Overall Score

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  • SunGrow Features & Specs
  • ✔ PACK OF 5 AQUASCAPING TOOLS --- This kit comes with the 5 most essential aquascaping tools needed to cultivate and maintain all your aquarium plants. No more using your hands and fingers to prune those plants.
  • ✔ RUSTPROOF MADE OF STAINLESS STEEL --- The tools in SunGrow aquarium tool kit are made from stainless steel and are completely rust proof. They are also flexible, sharp and durable tools.
  • ✔ LIGHTWEIGHT DOUBLE-SIDED SPATULA --- This lightweight spatula has two sides for different applications. The larger side can be used for smoothing out large areas of substrate while the smaller end can work on more delicate jobs.
  • ✔ STRAIGHT AND CURVED TWEEZERS--- The two different types of tweezers can be used for larger aquarium plants and for tiny carpet plants. You can also use the tweezers for inserting nutritional capsules in the substrate. Grasp the capsules with the tweezer insert into the substrate and gently let go.
  • ✔ STRAIGHT AND CURVED SCISSORS--- These sharp high precision scissors are perfect for pruning and trimming your aquarium plant life. The curved scissor is specially made to help you trim the hard to reach parts of plants.
  • Manufacture: Luffy Pets Collection

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