SunGrow First Impressions

Love it for my turtles.

This is how you calibrate a thermometer. Very accurate, have checked it with other thermometers as well. You can not swivle the thermometer to face a certain way. I had my heater set at 73-degrees and the thermometers showed 74. I came here to give this product a positive review. They reviewed the packaging or shipping by saying it arrived broken. It will make you wonder why nobody thought of it before.

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SunGrow Final Thoughts

Suction cups fail.

I used these to raise chicks, and in my parrot cages. My 50+ eyes cannot read a regular tank thermometer without squinting. And for the price you cant beat it. One being a very expensive digital. So this is the extreme end of the high temperature range. I read some of the 1 star reviews and most of them are not about the product. I have mine on my 60 gallon cube marine tank.

Overall Score

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  • SunGrow Features & Specs
  • MAINTAINS TROPICAL HABITAT FOR BETTA--- In nature, betta fish are often found in warm and hot waters in low altitude areas such as Burma and Thailand. For the healthiest and most active betta, it is important to make their environment as close as possible to their habitat. Since betta are accustomed to consistent tropical temperatures, having an effective betta thermometer is essential to ensure the perfect temperature for your pet fish.
  • ACCURATELY MONITORS BETTA TANK WATER TERRARIUM TEMPERATURE --- When it comes to monitoring the water temperature of your betta tank, the most useful tool you can find is an aquarium thermometer. Don’t let your betta tell you it’s too cold or hot in the tank for them, by getting ill, and risk losing them. The durable, reliable Digital Thermometer from SunGrow quickly tells you the temperature at a quick glance any time, so that you can make potentially life saving adjustments to your betta tank
  • SHOWS TEMPERATURE IN FAHRENHEIT OR CELSIUS --- SunGrow Digital Thermometer displays the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius and has a measurement of -58° to +158°F. If the water temperature is outside of that range, the screen will display L° for low temps and H° for high temps. To check the temperature, submerge the 38” cable and reading tip into the water and attach it using the suction cup. Then using another suction cup, place the LCD thermometer in a place most convenient for you
  • HELPS PROTECT BETTA FUR COAT SYNDROME --- As they are so sensitive to water temperature changes, betta are particularly susceptible to issues like Fur Coat Syndrome. It is a dermal infection that discolors betta’s fins and covers your fish in a furry mold. Fur Coat Syndrome is nearly always fatal within 30hrs of symptoms showing and is highly contagious. However, this is easily prevented if you keep your betta’s water between 78° and 80° Fahrenheit.
  • ENSURE HAPPINESS & LONGEVITY OF BETTA --- Being able to quickly and accurately read your betta tank’s water temperature is essential to keeping your betta fish healthy. Changes in water temperature can greatly stress out betta fish and seriously harm them. By using SungGrow Digital Thermometer,you ensure the happiness and longevity of your betta.
  • Manufacture: Luffy Pets Collection

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