SunGrow I9-NAQ8-3JTB First Impressions

I have a 75gal.

Overall, if you need a few smaller pieces of wood, this should work for you. I have a newly established tank for my Green Spotted puffers. Covered in moss for extra protection. Be sure to follow the directions for de-tanning the wood. I really love the piece and it was well worth what I paid for it. This alone will not drop it to the low numbers some fish need. My filter should take care of any water discoloration from this driftwood.

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SunGrow I9-NAQ8-3JTB Final Thoughts

I was WRONG.

Nice twisted pieces with some personality. The pieces can be trimmed if needed and positioned as you need for placement. That means that you have to insert smaller plastic branches onto the trunk. My shrimp and fish love it plus it looks great in the tank. My shrimp liked to crawl around and eat off this. Hopefully in a little while they will sink. I am glad it is in my tank and adds something natural that the fish should enjoy.

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  • ONE-OF-A-KIND ANCHORS FOR AIR PLANTS --- Unique and wonderful works of art, each piece of Cholla wood has a distinct color, texture, and shape that makes them the perfect anchor for pink quill or maxima. Air plants are characterized by curling cool verdant leaves and the weathered look of our Cholla wood compliments the cool color and wild shape.
  • GREAT DIY CANVAS --- The exotic texture and color of this fabulous wood provides a great foundation for crafters. It could be used to replace candles in a chandelier for a shabby chic look or as book dividers for a seaside resort style. The possibilities are endless.
  • ADDS A SPECIAL TOUCH TO GIFTS --- Thread your ribbon through this beautiful wood and wrap around your present. It will add interest, a personal touch and become a bonus gift to the recipient.
  • MAKE A UNIQUE CENTERPIECE --- Air plants are incredibly adaptable and hardy. With our Cholla wood, you can design an abstract or romantic centerpiece for your dining room by piling and stacking the wood with air moss. SunGrow’s imaginative s-hook glass terrarium (sold separately) will give you a magazine-worthy look.
  • NO HARDWARE REQUIRED --- SunGrow’s Cholla wood is an amazing value. This value-pack of 6 unique pieces is small enough to fit on a window sill, office desk, or nightstand. You can display your peach or medusa air plants without adding holes to your walls.
  • Manufacture: Luffy Pets Collection

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