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Great product.

I know betas are supposed to have at least a 2. I gave it 4 stars because it did arrive dented. 00& eligable for Prime shipping I could at least give it a try. This is just the right size and i love that it's plastic but looks like glass. It's on my dining table and shakes quite a lot. The only fault I have found is the shape makes viewing difficult. Bought this for my kids fish Lucas.

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Well I came upon this 1.

I got my fish bowl today and I am so happy about it! I liked it because its glass and I couldn't find one anywhere. Very nice plastic fish bowls amazon, you did it again! The plastic is firm enough, but not unbreakable. The bowl has 2 seams on the sides where the plastic was fused together. With my 2 plastic fish bowls I set about putting together my terrariums. It's like paper thin and I really dont know long this will last with regular changes.

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  • ✔ SAVES MONEY ON EXPENSIVE SHRIMP FOOD --- To keep your pet shrimp at optimum health and happiness, it is crucial to feed them nutritious, high quality food. The practical SunGrow Glass Feeding Dish helps to prevent additional food costs due to spillage by securely containing pellets, flakes, worms and more. When food is placed in this convenient glass basin, it stays there instead of falling into the rocks and soil then getting swept away during maintenance.
  • ✔ SIMPLE TO CLEAN --- The smooth, glass material used to make the SunGrow Shrimp Feeding Dish is low-maintenance, easy to wash and able to handle high temperatures. For regular cleanings, simply remove any leftover food and give it a quick rinse with soap and water. If you would like to clean the feed dish on occasion, it can easily be steam sterilized.
  • ✔ SAFE, HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS --- Long lasting and reliable, the SunGrow Shrimp Feed Dish is confidently made with heavy-duty borosilicate glass. This high quality glass is widely used in cookware, windows and laboratory instruments because it can handle extreme temperatures. Some competitors use less durable acrylic plastic to construct their feeding dishes.
  • ✔ BLENDS PERFECTLY INTO THE BACKGROUND --- The perfectly sized 2.5” (6cm) wide and 0.5” (1.5cm) deep takes on the appearance of its background and blends beautifully into the environment without any disturbance or distraction. This convenient transparency allows you to easily see how much food is left in the dish and if you need to fill it up or buy more food before leaving for vacation. Always be prepared and never run out of food with the practical Glass Feeding Dish from SunGrow.
  • Strong, durable borosilicate glass
  • Clear transparency for easy viewing
  • Prevents fish food spillage
  • Heavy weight, won’t float when empty
  • Manufacture: Luffy Pets Collection

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