Tetra 16194 First Impressions

1 for a 1.

Will be ordering multiple of them for my needs. Another plus has been that it is scratching an itch we had for getting real fish. The one with the fish keeps the tank clean. In the morning I awoke with my fish at the bottom barely able to move. I don't think the review about not replacing the filters is correct. I decant this to a small 5 oz squeeze bottle and leave the rest in the fridge. It didn't kill the fish or cause any problems with the water so I stuck with it.

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Tetra 16194 Final Thoughts

I have a 3.

Fish possess an antioxidant defense system to reduce the negative effects of ROS. Will be ordering multiple of them for my needs. Exactly the same item I purchased from a local store for alot more money! I change my filters every 2 weeks with a water change and my fish have lasted years. As dirty as the larger fish are theses cartridges keep mytanls crystal clean. Fish possess an antioxidant defense system to reduce the negative effects of ROS. Easy to use and a great price here at Amazon!

Overall Score

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  • Tetra 16194 Features & Specs
  • aquarium DIET SUPPLEMENT Freeze-dried blood worms are a nutritious supplement to boost energy and conditioning in your aquarium fish
  • FOR FRESHWATER & SALTWATER FISH Perfect for bettas and ideal for small- to medium-sized tropical and marine fish
  • SPECIALLY PROCESSED Minimizes any undesirable organisms found in live bloodworms
  • CHILD-SAFETY LID Tetra BloodWorms should be kept out of reach of children
  • USAGE Feed 2 to 3 times a week in addition to staple diet only as much as your fish can consume within a few minutes
  • Included Components: Tetra 16194 Bloodworms, 0.28-Ounce, 100-Ml
  • Manufacture: Tetra
  • Product Dimensions: 1.88 x 1.88 x 3.25 inches; 0.74 Ounces

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