Tetra 77136 First Impressions

Best money can buy.

My filter including polishing element could not clear it up. Beats the heck out of those expensive suit cleaners. The water we get here in SoCal is hard with chlorine in it. Its 9pm and the old cloudy water is now crystal clear! I like that it's a large bottle with multiple uses, so that's nice. I hope it makes the swimsuit last longer. I could see it working immediately which was pretty wild.

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Tetra 77136 Final Thoughts

I recommend.

I love it when a product does what its supposed to. No exaggeration-- literally cleared overnight. This is only temporary till I get a spare dropper. Its 9pm and the old cloudy water is now crystal clear! By the following morning, the water was clear of algae. Do not clean the filters, do not change the filters. I read another review for this product saying they were using API for this purpose.

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  • Tetra 77136 Features & Specs
  • FOR FRESHWATER aquariumS Quickly clears cloudy or hazy water caused by overfeeding gravel dust and other minute suspended particles
  • CLUMPING ACTION Causes small suspended particles to quickly clump together to settle or be removed during normal power filter operation
  • WORKS ON SOFT WATER Safe for fish even in very soft water (low kH) conditions
  • USAGE 1 teaspoon treats 10 gallons of water
  • Included Components: Tetra Water Clarifier (8.45 Oz)
  • Manufacture: Tetra
  • Product Dimensions: 1.63 x 3 x 7 inches; 10.24 Ounces

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