Tetra 78003 First Impressions


I returned the Aqua Clear 70 and promptly received a replacement. It wasn't producing much surface agitation. Basically, make sure everything that is suppose to spin, does so smoothly. My tank is nice and clear and my fish are much happier. LOW and BEHOLD, LMAO, I missed where you had to put water in the back of the filter. I have 4 other AquaClear filters and like them. Clean the foam insert apparently it pulled a lot of dirt and needs cleaned.

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Tetra 78003 Final Thoughts


I was also having oxygen issues because of this. Following morning it was running quietly. BUT after some YouTube research I was able to fix the noise issue. Also price was very reasonable and shipping was fast. I used a small pair of pliers and carefully got the pebbles out. They are easily found from mom-n-pop pet stores to large chain stores. It started out silent for about 30 mins and then it got super loud.

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  • Tetra 78003 Features & Specs
  • QUIET aquarium FILTER: The Tetra Whisper IQ Power Filter with Stay Clean technology contains a sound shield for quiet filtration less than 40 dB.
  • SELF PRIMING: Submerged motor starts up with no priming required.
  • STAY CLEAN TECHNOLOGY: By maintaining healthy pH levels, creates easier maintenance for healthier fish.
  • CARTRIDGE REFILLS: Change cartridges monthly; uses large-sized Tetra Whisper Bio-Bag Filter Cartridges (refills sold separately).
  • Manufacture: Tetra
  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 6.25 x 8.75 inches; 2 Pounds

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