Tfwadmx First Impressions

I lucked out.

I have another 5 Gallon Marine and Portrait to setup. I then left it in cold water doing an occasional change for almost 2 weeks. I rinsed the drift wood several times. The first is you won't know what you have until it comes. Gave a very realistic look to my 10 gallon tank. I like aquariums to be and look as realistic as possible. I am going to boil it tomorrow and then let it sit in water until the tank comes.

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Tfwadmx Final Thoughts

Very pleased.

Boiled for an hour and plaved in tank. I have another 5 Gallon Marine and Portrait to setup. This was a very large but great realistic piece for our aquarium. But up close it is obvious where the branches connect and makes it look fake. It just brings it a little closer to the 7 range. Make sure you boil the item before adding to your set up. Mine is 2 tone, darker, and unique shape.

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  • 100% NATURAL WOOD MATERIAL--- Aquarium driftwood is made of natural wood and free of chemicals.It is safe for all pets.Shrimp, fish fry, hermit crabs, fish, and even reptiles love driftwood.As it is natural wood and the size is different, we will put more pieces in the package.
  • UNIQUE DECORATION --- Your driftwood will quickly become the focal point of your aquarium decor. Nocturnal fish,ghost shrimp and smaller fish like a driftwood shelter for hiding.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT AND STURDY --- Reptile driftwood is light weight and sturdy branches are perfect for decorating and climbing reptiles.It can also be used on mossy trees in fish tanks;Can also be used for home garden landscape design!
  • REALISTIC BEAUTY --- Authentic natural driftwood adds realistic beauty.Unique shapes that adds to the aesthetic value of the tank.
  • NOTE: Natural branch width and length will vary. Each pieces are carefully selected, the pictures shown are only some of theGeneral sizes varies from 3.5 to 7 inches in length.The actual product you received may different from pictures shown, however, the product you received is the product we sell.
  • Boiling in water for 1 to 2 hours with soda or salt ,the water color will become dark cause it releases tannins
  • Boiling the driftwood with water again ( recommended 3 times, 1 hours each time ) until the tannins totally releases
  • Manufacture: Tfwadmx

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