Tfwadmx First Impressions

Somewhat tricky to clean.

I have yet to do a water change, but I do not anticipate any problems. I put the 5 pounds of sand straight into an empty 5 gallon tank. Perfect sand, I didn't bother rinsing or cleaning it like the directions said. I never did get around to switching to gravel. The filter doesn't agitate the sand either. Not too white, more a beige-grey color. I have yet to do a water change, but I do not anticipate any problems.

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Tfwadmx Final Thoughts

This sand is gorgeous!

I never did get around to switching to gravel. This filled a fair thin layer over half my elongated 35 gallon tank. The soft sand makes it easy to place plants without damaging them. It's as close to white sand as you can get! Within the bag, you will find two small packets. I found that red cherry shrimp adore diatoms. If you get this sand rinse it, I cannot stress that enough, rinse it.

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  • Tfwadmx Features & Specs
  • The aquarium gravel cleaner kit has a three-in-one effect, which can be used for changing water, washing sand and scraping algae.
  • Materials-Made of high quality of ABS,transparent and soft.
  • Advantages-Equipped with two 40cm transparent tubes, convenient for you to use alternatel.The adjustable flow control can stop and flow at any time. The water flow clamp control the water flow between draining and gravel cleaning and a fixture clamp to fix the pipe to free your hands.The air-pressing button ensures one-hand operation and powerful suction.
  • Easy to use-It is convenient to operate and install .After the installation is completed, insert the inlet pipe into the tank and press the water changer button until the water enters the tank automatically.Lower the intake so as to suck up the sand and fish, etc
  • Size-Length of the Inlet Tubes: 15.7inch ,Length of the Soft Outlet Tube:81.4 inch
  • Manufacture: Tfwadmx

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