U-BCOO First Impressions

It's so easy.

I do not write a ton of reviews but I HAVE to review this amazing time saver! Python is good too but this is fast, easy and light. I had to shake the substrate out of the bottom inch of the tube only twice! I'd recommend this, but it just takes a little practice. Soft tubing, large debris basket, hand pump to get it to flow. The bucket clamp also doesn't work very well. Ignore the orang plastic clip that attaches to a bucket.

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U-BCOO Final Thoughts

That was a bit confusing.

Gets the turtle poos and I dont have to empty my tank every 2 weeks! This little tool helped so much my bare bottom tank looks great again. When I used it to get the water out, I found out it has pump function. Hard for small hands like mine to grasp and use easily. You can see the debris coming up the tube like an elevator- hahah. Most of the time I just took out half tank then top off with fresh water. I used a plastic hose from home depot as this black hose is worthless.

Overall Score

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  • U-BCOO Features & Specs
  • √Ideal gravel cleaner: The fish tank vacuum cleaner has an exquisite appearance, is equipped with a filter pump and a water flow control valve, and has three functions in one. The fish tank vacuum gravel cleaning machine uses a vacuum siphon to change water, filter gravel, and remove fish manure, so as to effectively perform water washing, so it provides the best environment for your fish.
  • √Easy to use: Just put the water change suction tube in the fish tank, put the other end of the water tube into the bucket, open the water valve, squeeze the air cavity until it works automatically.
  • √Flow control faucet design: Our enhanced fish tank vacuum cleaner has a shut-off valve that can easily and quickly clean the aquarium. It is easy to use to ensure that water will not splash on the ground during cleaning, effectively keeping your house tidy Ideal for water changes and gravel cleaning.
  • √High-quality materials: made of high-quality BPA-free materials, its soft PVC hose can transfer liquid faster, which can ensure long-term use and will not harm your fish or plants. In addition, with the design of the micro filter, when cleaning the gravel bed or regular water changes, water and debris will flow quickly, while gravel, fish, and plants will effectively stay in the aquarium.
  • √User-friendly: We also have a hose holder for this water changer, let you free your hands, and will help you a lot when transferring water. Each part has been carefully designed to provide you with the best aquarium cleaning experience.
  • Manufacture: U-BCOO

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