Uniclife First Impressions

Good air flow.

I figured it would give me enough air to power 4 or 5. And one to the additional accessories for extra oxygen output only. I set up 2 more and still all the control valve are not open 100%. Just bought and started using it a few days ago. I have it running on 55g with 2 sponge filters for my Axolotl tank. Apparently the dome shape plays a significant role in noise reduction. Kudo to them for backing up their product.

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Uniclife Final Thoughts

Great for hydroponics.

Pay a bit more but the quality is worth it. And check the filter often, at least every two- 3 weeks. After nearly 5 months of use, it stop pumping air. Adjustable air flow settings which is new to me on a air pump but very convenient. It has two places to hook up tubing to. I really am impressed with this air pump! The air being pumped out can be quite warm as well.

Overall Score

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  • Uniclife Features & Specs
  • Ideal for 5 to 30 gallon small aquariums or fish tank.
  • Designed with double outlets to run the 2 ports / sponge filters together.
  • Operates with minimal noise < 40 dB and maximum efficiency.
  • 2 Watt, 1.2 L/min, Pressure: 0.018Mpa.
  • What You Get: Air pump, 2 pieces cylinder air stone, 6.5 feet airline tubing, straight and T connector and 2 check valves.
  • Quiet enough to running 24/7 in room.
  • Placing a blanket under it will make it quieter.
  • Designed with double outlets to run the 2 ports together.
  • Manufacture: Uniclife

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