Uniclife First Impressions

Looks amazing!

My aquatic frogs like to hide in it. Enjoyed our sucker fish hanging out on it. I had one issue- the red star fish does not glow but cute any way. Very nicely modeled, looks realistic. I primarily bought these for the two ones that are cool. The only problem I had is 3 small ends of the coral parts that stick out were broken. Product as described, very realistic.

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Uniclife Final Thoughts

Very nicely packaged.

But first look these are very sturdy. So I won't disturb my fish for a review. Not to mention they quite well with the ornaments bright red color. It also moves softly and naturally in the current. Product as described, very realistic. It's the one closest to the camera btw. They look awesome under light and the bundle was for a good price.

Overall Score

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  • Uniclife Features & Specs
  • Changeable Shape: The glowing sea anemone strip can be freely folded and turned into various appearances you like.
  • Eco-friendly Material: Made of nontoxic soft silicone which is safe for aquatic pets. Lightweight, fadeless, odorless and durable.
  • Fluorescent Effect: The glowing will only happen under actinic lighting and we recommend blue or purple light. Not glow in the dark.
  • Maintenance Free: Decorating your aquarium conveniently while keeping your fish happy to have a place to play and hide.
  • Dimensions: 30 x 3.94 inches; weighs 5 oz. Comes with 1 piece Green Sea Anemone Ornament.
  • Manufacture: Uniclife

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