Uniclife Uniclife-UL167 First Impressions

It is perfect!

Make sure the hose is connected well. Adjustable air flow settings which is new to me on a air pump but very convenient. I'm using it for small start-up hydroponic system. Save some money by not having to replace your air pumps every year! Highly recommend if you desire HIGH air output on several tubing lines! It is quiet and powerful and doesn't get hot. The added tubing and manifold make this an even better value.

  • Editor's Impressions Of The Uniclife Uniclife-UL167
  • Pump Power [star rating='4.7']
  • Build Quality [star rating='4.8']
  • Value For Money [star rating='3.5']
  • Feature Set [star rating='3.4']

Uniclife Uniclife-UL167 Final Thoughts

Lol I'm so glad I did.

The company made it right and took care of me. Kudo to them for backing up their product. The pump is so powerful that it pushed off the connection tube several times. Larger tank owners won't have my issues. So I run two of these with gang valves on my 55 gallon tall living room tank. Use large Air Stone Bars for giant columns of air bubbles. My first one may have been a lemon.

Overall Score

[star rating="4.3"]
(233 Points)
  • Uniclife Uniclife-UL167 Features & Specs
  • Uniclife Adjustable aquarium air pump is suitable for both Freshwater and Marine Aquariums.
  • 4 Watt, Exhaust: 2.0L/min X 2, Pressure: 0.016Mpa.
  • Adjustable flow rate with 2 outlets, fit for fish tanks from 20-gallon to 100-gallon.
  • Ultra silent, Minimum 25dB (sound like rusting leaves, ticking watch) in lowest flow rate.
  • Comes with 6 ft. long power supply cable. Buy with confidence, if Not, Please contact us for a FULL REFUND.
  • It is whisper quiet on low, and has a noticeable hum in a silent room when running on highest.
  • Placing a blanket or soundproofing material under it will make it quieter.
  • It has a Smooth rotating dial to control the dual ports output.
  • Manufacture: Uniclife

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