Uniclife Uniclife-UL169 First Impressions

Excellent pump.

Yes it obviously makes some noise-but not at all as much as I was anticipating. They generate a TON of air and last a long long time. Just bought and started using it a few days ago. Adjustable air flow settings which is new to me on a air pump but very convenient. It could easily run a small fish room. They don't even vibrate the old school plastic tank hanger mounts they sit on. Not to mention tank depth, etc becomes a factor.

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Uniclife Uniclife-UL169 Final Thoughts

This is the 40.

They don't even vibrate the old school plastic tank hanger mounts they sit on. But if it's in another room, it’s not bad at all. Apparently the dome shape plays a significant role in noise reduction. For the money, this air pump cannot be beat. I did notice that it tends to run very loudly and hot. In fact I can hear the bubbles from the water more than the pump itself. I cleaned the sponge and hooked it all back up, hardly any air was coming out.

Overall Score

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  • Uniclife Uniclife-UL169 Features & Specs
  • Great for up to 5 - 30 gallons small size fish tank, suitable for any Freshwater or Marine aquariums
  • Adjustable flow rate with Single outlet up to 30 GPH. Compact size: 4.5 x 2.7 x 2.3 inch.
  • Ultra-quiet, Minimum 25 dB (sounds like fallen leaves, ticking watch) in lowest flow rate.
  • A Whole Air Pump Set Comes with everything you need. Accessories Include: 1 x Return Valve, 1 x Air Stone, 1 M Air tube and 2 Connectors.
  • Efficient: Easy-to-use and low power consumption, Pressure: 0.016 MPa, Power: 2.5 W.
  • It is whisper quiet on low, and has a noticeable hum in a silent room when running on highest.
  • If you set between low to medium, the sound of the bubbles are actually louder than this pump vibration.
  • It has a smooth rotating dial to control the output.
  • Manufacture: Uniclife

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