Uniheat First Impressions

Absolutely recommended!

This time to add variety I ordered the FL bundle, and am once again glad I did. Java Fern and Vallisneria, two of the easiest plants to have. Such a wonderful and easy way to add whimsy to a tank. Roots were already growing so planted in the tank. This allowed the seeds to disperse. If I ever make another tank, I'm ordering from here again. Altlandsberg Sword, very beautiful plant.

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Uniheat Final Thoughts

There was no heat pack.

I'll post an update in about a month. In my low tech tank it grows slowly enough that it would be easy to control. The plants did all arrive dry so I am sure there will be some melting. It's part of it so do the dry start method. But on the marimo moss balls and even some of teh hardscape it was attached to. All plants were healthy and in great condition. But on the marimo moss balls and even some of teh hardscape it was attached to.

Overall Score

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  • (10 Packs) Designed for reliable and steady heat release for 72+ hours
  • Shipping warmer are excellent for shipping live insects, reptiles, tropical fish, flowers, corals and inverts needing warmth in shipping.
  • Produces an average temperature of 70°F in a standard 1cu. ft. shipping box.
  • Environmentally safe, disposable, and inner contents are biodegradable.
  • Manufacture: Uniheat

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