UPETTOOLS First Impressions

Very easy to do.

Also work great as filler for canisters and other filters. Any floating debri will get caught in a sponge intake on the reverse power head kit. If you're looking for new filters, go with these. Right now I am letting the filter work it's magic. I will be using Koral Filter material from now on. We use this product to the extreme. I will be using Koral Filter material from now on.

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UPETTOOLS Final Thoughts

Good quality.

Does the job and price was less or at least same as big retailers. I use this in my filter for aquarium 55 gal. I double the size and fold them and put the bagged carbon between the layers. I bought these to put over the inlet to the filters in my aquariums. I bought these because I was afraid my shrimp were getting sucked up in the filter. I had a 90 gallon aquarium that I did not use an undergravel filter in. It includes 12 mesh filter bags& 12 packets of charcoal.

Overall Score

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  • UPETTOOLS Features & Specs
  • Biochemical Sponge Materials:Made of food-grade materials,absolutely safe and Easy to clean,Tank Size up to 20 Gallons
  • Biochemical Sponge:Provide excellent both biological filtration, works great without noise, keeps water cycled and clear.
  • Dimension: 1.9"D x 3.1"H, Inner diameter of sponge: 0.6inch; Upettools original sponges, replacing fits perfectly for Upettools Sponge Filters
  • Replacement sponge helps increase biological capacity and reduces maintenance, Increase oxygen, provides ideal location for bacterial colonization,Helps keep the fish tank cleaner.
  • Great Biochemical sponge for angelfish, fry, goldfish, baby fish, shrimp, small Fish, breeding tank; Suggestions: Needs to be replaced every 5 to 6 months maximum.
  • Manufacture: Upettools

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