Vepotek First Impressions

Looks pretty.

Was not as bright and sharp as this image. I contacted seller and they sent me a new strip to match with the other. Personally I think the cling backgrounds look better and last longer. Not hard at all with the right tools. You can see in my pictures the bottom of the tank is pretty much white. Paper is very sturdy and stunning when easily applied with normal scotch tape. Everything great about it for my 90 gallon.

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Vepotek Final Thoughts

Time will tell.

Cut roughly to size but leave a little big. The colors aren't as bright as I thought they would be but it’s still really nice. My 29 gallon tank with the background installed. I am very happy with this and was the final touch on my new tank. It is easy to install but you NEED to follow the instructions. If you are using this on a typcial tank that won't be a problem though. I think it makes my aquarium very lush.

Overall Score

(69 Points)
  • Vepotek Features & Specs
  • Double sided- One side Coral Reef the other side ocean seabed
  • 24", 36", 48",60" and 72" wide
  • Made out of high quality waterproof film, (3 layer Instead of double side print)
  • Actual Height is 23.6 inch
  • Latest Triple Layer Poly Film Printing Techniques: Gives Both Vibrant And Richer Color
  • Manufacture: Vepotek®

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