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Point taken.

My son in law feeds this exclusively and he said his fish love it as well. Don't hesitate, get it before you can't. It's a peaceful scene those pretty fish enjoying their snack. My wife has raised her goldfish on Tetra goldfish flakes from day one. Who would've thought 7 ounces of fish food is so much. Truth is though, my fish prefer this fish food to many others I've tried. It's super fresh, and the tight seal on the lid makes its longevity stretch.

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Wardley 4332412689 Final Thoughts

My tank is a 55 gallon.

Nope, it is pretty big, which means my community 55-gallon tank has food for years! I looked carefully inside the small shipping box but did not find the missing lid. I'm currently feeding Mollies, Platys, Neons, Swordtails and Dwarf gouramis. I'd tried various flaked food, bloodworms, brine, and even live baby earthworms. The next day they seemed less interested. Meaning it's overfilled for the better! The fish seem to not care about the switch either way.

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  • Wardley 4332412689 Features & Specs
  • Highly digestible formula specially designed for the energy needs of koi and goldfish
  • Includes 10 pounds of floating pond pellets with a scientifically balanced protein-to-fat ratio which supports healthy growth and helps maintain clean water
  • Fortified with a stabilized form of vitamin C that promotes a healthy immune system in fish
  • Manufacture: Hartz
  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 3.5 x 18 inches; 1.3 Pounds

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