WEAVERBIRD First Impressions

No leaks, no cracks.

I honestly think this tank is adorable! So overall I would say it's a pretty great bowl! My fish have been happily swimming in them for four days. Also I do not have to change the water quite so often. I also don't have to worry about it chipping or shattering if I drop it. I use it outside on the patio as a flower vase. I've seen it at businesses filled with business cards or with Candy.

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WEAVERBIRD Final Thoughts

Bowl is as Christine D.

I've seen it at businesses filled with business cards or with Candy. He seems to like it, but how would I know. But for the price, you really wont find any better. It's a small complaint but something I wanted others to be aware of. I'd say it's a great value for the price. I also did not read into the reviews very well until I actually received them. 00& eligable for Prime shipping I could at least give it a try.

Overall Score

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  • WEAVERBIRD Features & Specs
  • High quality materials: Feeder bowls made of high quality glass, easy to clean.
  • Aquarium Shrimp Feeder: Suitable for benthonic animal feeding use, like shrimps, crabs, clams and so on.
  • The glass feeder allows greater control when feeding your shrimp, allowing uneaten food to be removed more easily, helping to prevent food from falling into the substrate and causing water quality issues.
  • Clear glass feeder: This convenient transparency allows you to easily see how much food is left in the dish and if you need to fill it up or buy more food.
  • Easy to clean: For regular cleanings, simply remove any leftover food and give it a quick rinse with soap and water.
  • Manufacture: WEAVERBIRD

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