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Love this seat cover.

They look like the edging that's on the tanks, so it's as attractive as possible. And now I know they are getting enough to eat. It was slightly long so I had to trim off the bottom edge to make it fit. No matter what size betta I put I know it won't go through the divider. And since it has been working ok, I decided to change the review to 4 star. It keeps the boys from being able to see each other. Divider works well for our two Bettas that share a 10 gallon aquarium.

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WeiMeet Final Thoughts


It keeps the boys from being able to see each other. However, keep in mind this tank divider does not fit just ANY 10 gallon! I know Betta fish are aggressive, so they must be separated. Would recommend two smaller filters on either side to help water flow. Actually adds additional filtration I think. The female is on the larger side with her babies. This are black in they stick to the tank not like glue or anything lol.

Overall Score

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  • WeiMeet Features & Specs
  • Package Include: 6 Pieces plastic aquarium tank dividers with 6 pieces sucker clips, sufficient quantity for dividing your aquarium and fish tanks.
  • Reliable Material: these tank dividers are made of food grade plastic, which is avirulent and tasteless, won't affect water quality, no worrying about direct contact with your fish.
  • Plastic Dividers: the plastic grid can be cropped and comes with free splice combination, easy to create proper sizes for different tanks, each divide is about 11.8 inches x 5.9 inches x 0.3 inch.
  • Comes with 6 pieces sucker clips for stable installation, the sucker clip can be fixed anywhere in the aquarium, easy to fix and move.
  • Applications: great aquarium tank dividers are great to divide your fish tank into several compartments, which can effectively prevent fish from biting each other, increase the survival rate of baby fish and isolate diseased fish and aggressive fish.
  • Manufacture: WeiMeet

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