XMSSIT First Impressions

Exactly as described.

Its pump apparentely was too small for the tank. It replaced a Quiet1One 9000 pump which was nothing but trouble since I installed it. I came home to a bloom explosion and water that looked like kiwi sangria. You need to replace this after cleaning the filter every so often. I took it out of the package and it was perfect. Until my local shop told me to get Eheims. Brand new out of the box and a great price.

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XMSSIT Final Thoughts

It works great.

I would've spent more on just an air pump and stone than I did for this. The Seller quickly replaced the Venturi pump for me. If you have a Biocube 29 HQI, this is a great choice at a reasonable price. Until my local shop told me to get Eheims. It would be best to replace the build in half that time. UV lights do loose their effectiveness over time. Very nice pump for my Phosphate reactor.

Overall Score

[star rating="4.9"]
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  • XMSSIT Features & Specs
  • Dimensions: 47 mm x 58 mm, 3/4 inches, Material: PVC, Color: Grey; Applicable models: Suitable for most rain buckets, water tanks, ponds or aquariums
  • Function: The lock nut is reverse-threaded, and its contour will be consistent with the shape of the round barre
  • Durable: Compared with standard plastic separator joints, PVC is durable and has a longer life without discoloration, cracking or peeling
  • Easy to install: One-time installation, screwed from the front, can be used for commercial and industrial purposes
  • Packaging including: 2 pieces of 3/4 inch PVC partition accessories, enough to use on the water tank, you can share with family and friends, they are a good tool
  • Manufacture: XMSSIT
  • Item Weight: 5.8 ounces

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