Zanyzap First Impressions

Overall a good product!

If you don't know much about this just google it. My pad collected yellow cloudy color also all waste. I end up cutting a small 2x3 inch square for each of my media baskets. Have been using this product for few month for my planted tank. I was having a problem with tiny fish getting sucked into the inlets. I've definitely noticed a difference in my water quality. This filter system doesn't come with everything to you need.

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Zanyzap Final Thoughts

See photo.

The concentration of flow will mean faster clogging, lower flow and motor strain. It was a struggle to keep the water clear before i got the goldfish. But by two weeks, the output did drop. For my smaller fish tank I find that it is just enough. I replace my filter material in my IM Nuvo 20 reef tank every week. The air stones, plastic tubing, and charcoal were provided which one would expect. Stop buying those expensive filters, buy this and make your own.

Overall Score

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  • Zanyzap Features & Specs
  • Performs mechanical filtration
  • Traps Particles & Debris
  • Enhances biological filtration
  • Good for freshwater & marine environments
  • Provides efficient water flow with less clogging for long lasting filtration
  • Manufacture: Zanyzap

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