Zoo Med TC50 First Impressions

Very pleased!

The instructions are a bit to much for me. I contacted Marineland about my issue and they promptly sent me a new one right away! My baby turtle even loves it so much he won't let go. My fish are definitely happier and my water is crystal clear. The bacteria eats the nitrates in the water to help keep it clean. What I don't like is how much smaller it is than the Aqueon. My baby turtle even loves it so much he won't let go.

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Zoo Med TC50 Final Thoughts

This is not.

Of course the sound all depends on how much water is in the aquarium. First they are simple and designed to pump and filter aquarium water. My tank was a mess when I got this pump. Never ever ever use it past a year. Replace activated carbon every 6-8 months ish. I plan to cycle this new AC 50 on a separate tank and then xfer it to the 20 gallon. Clean the foam insert apparently it pulled a lot of dirt and needs cleaned.

Overall Score

(86 Points)
  • Zoo Med TC50 Features & Specs
  • External canister filter with slimline design for tight spaces
  • 200 gallon per hour rating, ideal for turtle habitats up to 50 gallons in size
  • The included spray bar increases oxygenation to help support your turtles' health
  • Double filtering system with both carbon and ceramic filters and internal biological recirculation
  • Combines mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration to give your pets the cleanest, healthiest habitat
  • Manufacture: Zoo Med
  • Product Dimensions: 11.2 x 9.5 x 14.5 inches; 1.2 Pounds

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