Zoo Med ZM20194 First Impressions

High quality wood.

Great customer service as I had a few branches missing. The quality is really good and it looked really pretty sitting in my empty tank. They have great color and character. The fish love it and it's a great addition to the aquarium. I am glad it is in my tank and adds something natural that the fish should enjoy. EDIT, boiled the wood for 2 hours and they sank. They've made great hiding spots for my catfish.

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Zoo Med ZM20194 Final Thoughts

I'm so glad I did.

The branches do not bend, but the joints can be rotated to get different positions. I love the knarlyness of this wood. All pieces were nice size for my 5 gallon tank. If you have a small tank this is a problem. I love the knarlyness of this wood. The clean water pic is after 7 days and 3 full water changes. Would buy again if I ever get a larger tank.

Overall Score

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  • Zoo Med ZM20194 Features & Specs
  • Beautiful two color African hardwood for aquariums or terrariums
  • Use with plants to create a “naturalistic” looking habitat for your pets
  • Mopani Wood has been sandblasted clean and is ready to be added to your terrarium
  • Smooth surface, textured detail, and unique mottled color adds interest and enrichment to habitats
  • One of the hardest and densest woods available; sinks immediately in aquariums and, unlike driftwood, will not rot
  • Manufacture: Bradley Caldwell Inc
  • Product Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches; 1 Pounds

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